Long ago, the king of the gods known as Zeus and his queen, Hera ruled the heavens. With the title of the king and Queen, comes with the urge to be worshipped and to be pleased. Zeus being the most powerful God, had many children. Even Children that were not birthed by Hera the queen. Hera was always frustrated by Zeus and his appetite for other goddesses and women. She soon learned of a follower of the goddess Artemis, named Kallisto has been meeting Zeus in the forests of Foloi. She went on her own to confront this deceitful human. Jealous of her beauty and her qualities, Hera became extremely angry to find that she is pregnant with the child of Zeus. She knew Zeus would not stand for her to harm his unborn child so she waited for the right time to strike. Once the child was born, Hera concocted a plan to transform Kallisto to an unrecognizable creature. She cursed her with this transformation then went to the brother of Zeus, Hades the God of the underworld to ask him to avenge her title as queen and capture Arcus, the new born son of Zeus. In return, Hades will be granted with access to the heavens. Hades accepted the offer. Zeus became aware of Hades search for Arcus and hid Arcus from Hades demonic legions. While Arcus was in hiding, Zeus requested the God of war, Aries to train Arcus in the way of the warrior and teach him how to control his powers since he is a demigod. Zeus planned for Arcus to rule his own kingdom, but that was hindered since Hades demonic legion finally found him. He was captured and brought to Hades. Hera instructed Hades to banish him to the Lower levels of the underworld since Hera did not want Zeus to know of her betrayal. Zeus learned of this act of war and confronts Hades. They clashed, shaking the earth and the heavens. Hera was shocked at Zeus because of his wrath against his brother. She appeared and stood between both gods. She feared there will be a war amongst the gods again, so she offered a deal which would bring peace between Zeus and Hades. If Arcus can stand and face the legions of the underworld in the Colosseum then he will restore his mothers original appearance, The honor of his father Zeus and his freedom from the underworld. If Arcus fails, he will stay imprisoned in the underworld which Kallisto will remain cursed and be banished with Arcus in the Underworld. Zeus and Hades agreed to this challenge. Zeus believes his son will prevail, but Hera highly doubts this. Hera believes that no one could survive the horrors of Hades factions. Arcus, while being tormented in the underworld is given the message that he will be competing in the Colosseum of the Underworld. Thus, the Gladiator of Valor has been born.